Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligent Earth Observation

Our Earth Observation (EO) solution detects changes in territory and predict risk situations based on high-accurate predictive machine learning models incorporating Space Technologies. Based on multispectral and optical satellite images integrated with different sources of data, our EO platform allows to develop a reliable action and prevention plans.

  • Artificial Intelligent Earth Observation
  • Drone Preventive Maintenance

    The images collected by drones are processed and classified with Machine Learning algorithms to analyze potential threats in the environment and predict the occurrence of infrastructure failures. With our solution, it is possible to intervene effectively and optimize time and resources, providing greater infrastructure security and highly accurate preventive maintenance.

  • Drone Preventive Maintenance
    • Machine Learning

      Credit Scoring

      Credit Scoring is an important process to ensure the health of financial institutions. K1 DIGITAL contributes to enhance financial assets value value by providing a Machine Learning platform that significantly reduces default rates and accelerates the entire process cycle.

    • Credit Scoring
    • Sales forecasting

      With 98% of accuracy, our sales and exporting forecasting platform enables a consistent weekly sales forecasting, with an innovative methodology centered on Artificial Intelligence techniques. Our sales forecasting solution have robustness and proven results in comparison with forecasting conventional methodologies, and impacts the overall organization results.

    • Sales forecasting
    • HeartData

      By collecting a large amount of data using digital stethoscope, K1 Digital has developed a Machine Learning solution for the early detection of heart diseases based on the temporal evolution of the heartbeat, allowing an additional method of accurate diagnosis and wide spread of use. Our solution allows efficient clinical management and increases diagnostic accuracy and safety.

    • HeartData
      • AR/VR

        The use of AR/VR solutions in Preventive Maintenance can allow a faster identification of the components to be replaced and the precise sequence of tasks to do so, even with less trained and experienced resources.

        Another AR/VR solution developed by K1 Digital, with application in a variety of B2C and B2B sectors, supports product sales by measuring existing space and allowing 3D insertion and viewing of modelled objects.

        • Intelligent Process Automation


          -Imagery Classification
          -Epidemic Monitoring
          -Personalized Treatment
          -Enhanced Recruitment


          -Automated Traffic Analysis
          -Predictive Maintenance
          -Smart Ticketing


          -Crop and Soil Analysis
          -Plague Detection using UAVs
          -Production Predictive Analysis
          -Predictive Climate Analysis


          -Customized Digital Learning
          -Virtual Training (Chatbots)
          -Adaptative Learning


          -PoS Smart Reporting
          -Supply Chain
          -Operational Smart Reporting


          -Automated Logistics
          -Predictive Stock Management
          -Defects Prevention
          -Incident Detection
          -HR Support Chatbot


          -Credit Scoring
          -Client Segmentation
          -Fraud Prevention
          -Personalized Pricing


          -Automated Customer Service
          -POs & Final Pricing Checking
          -Automated Invoice Checking


          -Targeted Advertising
          -Social Media Analysis
          -Market Research
          -Audience Rating

          MEDIA & TELECOMS

          -Virtual Assistants
          -Automatic Search
          -Big Data Analysis

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