Intelligent Process Automation

Our IPA solutions use RPA technology complemented with cognitive systems to enhance business models.

Machine Learning

The algorithms that our platforms use allow the detection and use of patterns to generate valuable information that enables better business decisions.

Computer Vision

Our platforms detect anomalous situations, with applications in agro-industry, land and sea territorial management. These platforms are also used in predictive maintenance of industrial and transport infrastructures.


We create solutions with AR/VR technology with a wide applicability and significant benefits for our customers.

Our presence around the World

Which sectors use our solutions?

The cross-industry or industry-specific solutions that K1 Digital has developed are used today by organizations from nearly a dozen industries. They allow the adoption of best practices applied to their Business Processes, in order to streamline their operation and generate efficiency gains, with direct impact on results.
In the chart beside, we present the sectors that use the solutions we developed, and the relative weight of each sector.

  • CPG: 28%
  • Retail: 22%
  • Energy: 14%
  • Financial Services: 13%
  • Public Services, Health & Education: 10%
  • Manufacturing: 8%
  • Construction: 5%

We offer our own methodology for the implementation of Digital Transformation programs

  • 1
    Assess Digital Maturity Status

  • 2
    Build Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • 3
    Deploy Human-Centric Digital Solutions

  • 4
    Operate & Scale

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Organizations we have collaborated with

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Robotic Solutions Implemented

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Hours in I&D

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Automated hours


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